Back from Bend

This past week I was in Bend, OR for work.  Once a year we have an off-site strategy session, usually near one of the wilderness areas we are trying to protect.  In the past we have gone to Palm Springs, Las Cruces and Phoenix.  Bend was definitely my favorite so far.  I went out a day early with one of my coworkers to help get things ready in the houses that we rented for the week and had a chance to explore the downtown area and visit a couple of the many local brewpubs that Bend is known for.  We had lunch at Bend Brewing Company on the Deschutes River, visited FootZone, a locally owned running store that has supported our wilderness work and met up with a friend from ONDA for dinner at Deschutes Brewery before ending our long day at McMenamins, a funky hotel chain, where we stayed for the night.

The next morning I went out with my coworker on a long run along the river, the scenery was gorgeous, I’m very jealous of the locals who get to experience this every day. We then rented bikes for an hour and headed to Pilot Butte State Park to enjoy an amazing view of Bend and the Cascade Mountains.  Finally we met up with our other colleagues and made Kabobs for dinner before calling it a night.

View on my run

On Wednesday, National Running Day, I went for a trail run with several co-workers, again down to the river.  I never trail run around DC, so it was a welcome change, but my legs could definitely feel the different terrain.  The exercise prepared me for a long day of meetings and then fresh wild caught salmon for dinner (one of the many benefits of having a meeting in Oregon).

Thursday morning I decided to switch it up a bit and headed with my colleague to a local gym where she was joining a Master’s swim practice and I took a spinning class.  That day we had meetings for only half the day and then were lead on a hike by friends from ONDA and the Conservation Alliance.  We grilled out that night and played board games.  I left the next morning early, for a long day of flights back to DC.

Some coworkers on our hike

Waterfall views on our hike

After traveling for work, especially all the way across the country it is always nice to have the weekend to wind down.  Watermelon on the deck, fresh rockfish for dinner and a 12 mile run with my girl Chelle are in my future.


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