Invitations Sent

That’s right folks, my wedding invitations went in the mail last Thursday right before we left for St. Louis (post coming).  Dan and I had a vision for the invitations right after we decided we were going to get married in Lake Placid.  It has turned into our “wedding theme,” Adirondack chairs.  I found our perfect invitations on Etsy and with a little tweaking of the colors, they no longer look beachy and instead scream “fall wedding!”

Our wedding invitations, pre color change

I ordered the invites without envelopes and went with Kraft envelopes from The Paper Source so I could buy more because I knew addressing them myself would mean some mistakes made (or a lot of mistakes made).

What our address stamp looks like

I had purchased a return address stamp, which I love and was lucky to find Cherry Blossom stamps still available at the post office.

Cherry blossom stamps

Now I am just waiting (patiently) for the RSVPs to come in!


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