Crazy Thunder Storms and Dance Parties

Friday brought record heat for DC.  You could barely breathe outside and A/C was a must.  Dan and I stayed in as I was resting for my DC bachelorette party the following night.  We watched Contraband and headed to bed somewhat early with plans to hit the gym in the morning.  Shortly after turning out the lights we heard the storm.  When we looked out the window the wind was crazy and it was only a matter of time before we knew the power would go out.

No power=no A/C and by the morning it was HOT in our apartment.  We got up early and I called the gym to see if they had  power, no dice.  My phone was dead and we wanted to get out of our apartment so we headed to Georgetown to charge my phone at Starbucks and go the movies to stay cool…… this was the only way Dan was going to get me to see the movie, Ted.  We headed back home around 2 and our power has just come back on.  I started to get ready for my ladies night out, while Dan went in search of lunch.

I met up with my friends at Posto, where our server was awesome and the food was equally good.  We enjoyed wine and stories before headed out to the bars.  Our plan had originally been to find some nice roof top bars on U street.  We soon decided it was too muggy out for that and ended up at a bar called Policy.  We were there early so it was pretty empty, but the music was good and we were having a fun time.  About an hour later it was so packed you couldn’t even move so we decided it was time to head out.

All of us at Policy

This was where 2 of my friends decided we needed to head to an old favorite, a dive bar where we spent too much time playing flip cup after Kickball games.  The Bottom Line proved to be the best idea of the night.  It wasn’t crowded, our favorite bar tender was working and we had full reign of the dance floor.  We requested songs and danced until near bar time then I headed home to my friend Meaghan’s to stay on her couch for the night.

Me and my best friends from Grad School, Christine and Colleen

Me and my old roomies… and Cat

I actually felt good when I woke up this morning, alternating my drinks with water was the best idea!  We went to Open City for breakfast, which is one of my favorite places in DC, but I never get there anymore.  Then I lounged around all day.


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