My Something New and My Something Blue

My cousin, Juliana, designs and sells jewelry online and in stores around San Diego, where she lives.  So, when I was thinking about what jewelry I would want for my wedding, I thought it would be really special to have her design it for me.  I sent her a picture of my dress (making her promise to not show it to anyone) and told her I wanted earrings and a bracelet.  She sent me some designs to choose from and I received the final products today.  I couldn’t be happier, they turned out better than I could have hoped for.

My “something new” bracelet

My “something new” earrings

I have been kind of in a rush to find wedding shoes.  My first dress fitting is this week and I need shoes to know the length it needs to be.  I had been thinking about getting blue shoes for my “something blue” but nothing stuck out until I these pumps from Nina.  They didn’t break the bank and the reviews said they were very comfortable.  I ordered them and they fit perfectly and don’t need breaking in, which is a relief.  I will wear them around the house before the wedding just to be sure, but I’m really happy with the purchase.

My “something blue”


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