Race Report – Madison Mini Marathon

Last weekend I traveled to Madison, WI for a weekend packed with activities, mostly wedding related.  My mom and her friend threw me a bridal shower on Saturday afternoon and that night I had a night out on the town with my bridesmaids, but before all that my sister and I ran the Madison Mini-Marathon.

Last spring when we were talking about where and when I wanted to have my bachelorette party, the idea of running a race together before it came up.  At first we were thinking about going to Chicago, but we couldn’t find a Saturday race and I wasn’t going to get up and run after going out the night before.  Then I found a Saturday half marathon in our hometown and we decided to go with that.

Race Swag (the medal doubles as a bottle opener)

Both my sister and I have been struggling with injuries this summer so we went into the race just wanting to run together and have fun.  We ordered matching outfits and planned to chitchat our way through the run.

Before the race

On Friday my sister got to town and we went to pick up our race packets.  We then decided to drive part of the course on the way back to our parent’s house.  We couldn’t believe how much of the city we would see, it seemed like that would be more than 13 miles to get to all the places, but I guess Madison is smaller than you think it is.  I was excited to run the city because I never really had before, I wasn’t runner while I was living there.

On Saturday we woke up at 5am and headed to the start at the UW student Union.  We wanted to get there early to find parking and more importantly hit the bathroom several times before the start.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather.  I have been training all summer in 90-100% humidity and 80-100 degree weather.  The temperature was 52 degrees when we got downtown, it was actually chilly.

After dropping off our bag we lined up at our corral, we got to start towards the front because we proved our times, which was really nice…. no weaving in and out of people!  The course was soo fun, and right towards the beginning I saw some friends’ parents on the course cheering.  We started out a little fast and we kept saying we should slow down, but somehow we managed to keep the pace.  Our outfits were a huge hit getting us cheers and compliments the whole way, even a race official told us we had the best coordination of the day.  Towards the end we were hurting, who knew Madison had so many hills… the gradual uphill through the Arboretum was a killer, but we crossed the finish line in 1:46.04 (both of us with the same time).  I was thrilled.

Best finish line photo ever!

In the giant Union chair

Afterwards we walked around for a bit, got our stuff and headed home to relax and shower before the bridal shower started.

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