I’m Married!

After a nice two week vacation filled with running a half marathon, getting married and going on an amazing honeymoon, I am back to grind.

Our trip started out on Friday, September 21st, I worked a half day and we headed out around noonish on our way to Rochester, NY.  We got there in time for a nice dinner with Dan’s mom and an early bedtime.  On Saturday, our whirlwind began.  We started the day with errands, then headed to a 1st birthday party, the race expo to pick up my packet for the half marathon and then to meet Dan’s sister for a quick visit before heading back to his mom’s house to make pasta and get a good night’s sleep.

On Sunday, I ran the Rochester half marathon, got a new PR and really pushed my body to the limits (race recap forthcoming).  After the race we met my parents who were stopping through town on their way to Lake Placid to drop off gifts from my bridal shower and then we went to lunch with Dan’s dad.  We continued the day with more wedding errands and ordered in pizza for dinner.

On Monday we finalized our programs and printed them out along with information sheets for the welcome bags.  We did a little shopping, where I found my rehearsal dinner dress (a little last minute, I know) and got a couple things for the rest of the trip.  We packed up our stuff and prepared to leave the next day for the Adirondacks.

On Tuesday we headed for the park, and Dan’s aunt and uncle’s cabin, where we had a relaxing evening of wine and conversation before heading to Lake Placid and the wedding weekend would begin.

We got up early on Wednesday and left to meet my parents at the house they had rented in Lake Placid.  My brother and his two kids were already there and we were able to settle in quickly and head to our favorite brewpub that night for dinner.

Thursday morning Dan headed out on a hike with his friend, while I went on a walk around town to clear my head, stress and lack of sleep were getting to me.  My sister arrived that afternoon with her 3 kids and the party really began.  My brother had made us cornhole for our wedding present and the weather was amazing.  Everyone was outside playing games and having a great time.  That evening we had an open house for everyone who was in town, which was really fun.

On Friday, we had planned a hike, although I think most people had had a little too much fun the night before and attendance was low.  Dan and I included, we were not thrilled about getting up and going, but it ended up being really nice, fresh air helped wake us up and our 2 year old nephew came along which was fun.  After that I went to get a mani/pedi and we met with our photographer.  With barely enough time to get ready for the rehearsal I showered and changed and we were on our way.  That night cousins arrived and I had to force myself to leave behind friends and guests at the bar in hopes of at least a little sleep that night.

Saturday was our wedding (more posts forthcoming), Sunday we had brunch and then a nice dinner out and Monday we left for Montreal!

Here is a sneak peak at some photos, more to post soon!

Running on the Eerie Canal path


So happy!

Heading out on our honeymoon




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