Race Report – Rochester Half Marathon

My original plan for a pre-wedding race was to run the Rochester Marathon the weekend before my wedding.  Most people thought I was crazy, I thought it would be a great stress reliever, way to stay in shape and a fun small fall race where I could hope for a BQ.

Those plans went down the drain when I had some IT band problems and motivation issues early in the summer.  I realized that the training wasn’t realistic with my schedule and opted for the half marathon instead since we had already planned to be in Rochester that weekend.

I knew going into the race that I was not in the best shape ever, but wanted to give it my best and see how long I could hold a faster pace.  When I ran my PR in March I went out a lot faster than I thought I could hold and was able to keep it up most of the race.

The morning started out chilly, easily in the 40s while waiting to start.  I took a throw away windbreaker to the start and had borrowed some throw away gloves from Dan’s mom (lifesaver).  I was able to hit the bathroom before the start and was feeling pretty good.  I worked my way towards that front for the start, hoping to avoid the usual weaving in and out of people.  This was the smallest race I have ever run in, so the crowds ended up not being a problem at all.

We started going uphill, a man ran past saying this was the last uphill of the course, “score!,” I thought. The race was pretty right from the start running down historic streets, however into the sun, my hat didn’t quite cut it that early in the morning.  Dan and his mom had told me where they thought they might be so I spent much of the first few miles looking for them on the side of the road, which helped pass the time.  I was feeling great looking at my watch and seeing 7:30 and faster splits as I told myself to slow down, but somehow managed to keep up that pace.

About 7.5 miles into the race we connected up with the Eerie Canal path, which is where the race started to go downhill for me.  It was BORING.  No one was out there and my right leg tightened up, so I was in a bit of pain pushing through.  I saw Dan again at mile 10 and I was ready to be done.  I pushed myself to the finished lines as my pace went to about a 7:50-8:00 mile and I watched my chances of breaking 1:40 slowly get slimmer and slimmer.  As I tried to sprint to the finish line my “puking reflex” came back to haunt me again and I had to slow down, before losing my energy bar as I crossed the finish line.  1:40:23…. so close, but I literally gave it my all.  I came in 5th in my age group and got a new PR yeah!

After I was done Dan says, “Ok, now that that’s done, can we get married now?”

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