Wedding Details: My dress

I bought my dress just under a year before my wedding.  I knew I wanted to go to Minneapolis to go shopping for it, my sister and best friend live there and my mom was only a 4 hour drive away.  We made appointments at stores recommended by various friends in the area and I scoured websites looking for dresses that I liked and that were in my budget (read: not expensive).  I had several things I knew I wanted, NOT STRAPLESS, lace, no big pouffy skirt.

The first store we went to I pulled maybe 4-5 dresses to try on.  The first dress was one I had seen online, I loved it!  Nothing else compared, but I couldn’t choose that one yet, I hadn’t gone anywhere else.  The second store had a few nice dresses and one that I really liked, but it was $600 more than the one at the other store and just not as nice.  We hit up a few other stores that day, one only had one dress for me to try on that met my criteria (I think there are a lot more options out there now, based on what I have seen in bridal magazines, but when I went looking my choices really were limited).  I decided then that I wanted the first dress I tried on.  We went back to the store and ordered it!  Just like that, my wedding dress shopping was over in 1 day.

Allure Romance 2455

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