Wedding Details: The little things

Here are some of my favorite details, including some items we made ourselves.

Place cards and food choice stamps from the Paper Source:

Centerpieces made with tree trunk cross sections, mason jars, floating candles and preserved leaves and greens provided by our florist, Lake Placid Flower and Gift:

Dessert display, I don’t like cake as much as I like cookies, so we had a dessert buffet with treats from Cake Placid.  I also bought treat bags for folks to take something home with them (some guests decided to take 5 or 6 things home so needless to say we did not get any of the delicious goodies, lesson learned):

Programs I designed after seeing something similar on Martha Stewart:

I loved how my flowers turned out, the only direction I gave the florist was that I wanted dahlias, no roses and I wanted fall colors:

Orange flower pins for the flower girls, that I ordered off of Etsy:

Our guestbook, a 1980 Olympic poster that we got matted and guests signed with a silver sharpie:

About LindsayMargaret

Runner, baker, lover of the outdoors, PR professional living in Washington DC
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