Race Report: MCM 10k

On October 28, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon 10k.  The race is run in conjunction with the Marine Corps Marathon, an amazing race, which I have had the pleasure of running twice.  The Marines really know how to put a race on, they are organized, friendly and can handle the 30,000+ runners in attendance.  The race is known as “The People’s Marathon” as there is no “prize purse” and they don’t bring pros into race.

This year was the second time I have run the 10k, but it was a new course for me.  We started at the Washington Monument ran on the mall, across the dreaded 14th street bridge, into Crystal City and then finishing at the Iwo Jima memorial, same as the marathon.

My goal going into the race was to finish as close to my PR as possible, so somewhere in the 47-48 minute range.  We started and I felt great, but reminded myself that 6.2 miles is not 3.1 so I had to hold back some.  About 4.5 miles in I reminded myself that I should take in the fact that I running through our nation’s capital, something I often take for granted, and was just admiring the Pentagon when I rounded a bend and the race was stopped.  All of the participants were just standing around.  I stopped my watch and asked around what was going on.  There were helicopters flying above and apparently there was a suspicious package.  About 3 minutes after we stopped, they let us start running again.  By that time there was a huge pack and getting back into the race was difficult.  I ended up crossing the finish line with a clock time of around 50 minutes and my watch said 47:03, a new PR for me, unofficially. 🙂

After I grabbed a water and my checked bag, I headed to Colleen’s house, she lives basically at the finish line, to shower and change so I could go cheer in my friends running the marathon.

(There are no pictures with this post as I was waiting for official race photos, but they were so bad, I won’t post them out of embarrassment).

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