Running on the Road: Portland

Last week I was in Portland for a work meeting and took advantage of the 10:00am start to get a run in.  Portland is a beautiful city that is very runner friendly.  I saw that our hotel was near the river that runs through the heart of Portland and I knew from a previous visit that there was a running path that went along the water.  When I checked in, I asked for directions on how to get down there and they had a google map ready to go already.

The weather was perfect, a little brisk, but the sun was shining and there were tons of people out running and biking.  I ran down one side of the river and then looped around to the other side of the river, stopping to enjoy the scenery.  I love exploring new cities while out on a run.  One of the perks of traveling for work (and the time change from the east coast usually means I am up early and ready to go).

My best attempt at a self portrait

Rowers out on the water


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Runner, baker, lover of the outdoors, PR professional living in Washington DC
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2 Responses to Running on the Road: Portland

  1. I live in Portland. I love Portland. I’m so glad you enjoyed your run around the waterfront. It’s one of many great runs in the city. The next time you come out, if you have more time, you should run out Springwater Corridor a bit. You start at the waterfront and when you loop around to the east side (across from downtown) you follow the path instead of crossing back over a bridge. It’s pretty spectacular — Happy Thanksgiving!

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