A Trip to GNC

Recently I had been experiencing some pain in my calf while I was walking.  I wanted to nip this pain in the bud because my marathon is coming up.  So I went to see the trusty chiropractor to work his magic and get this small muscle strain back in shape for my runs.

When I asked what could have caused this to happen, as I couldn’t remember doing anything out of the ordinary to bring this on, he said it was a lack of protein.  This seemed weird to me because I had been making smoothies for breakfast with protein powder and I eat a lot of greek yogurt and more meat than I usually like to, but I took his word for it.  He said that the long runs were breaking down my muscle and I should look into buying amino acid pills to take before and after my runs, and that this would also help repair my calf muscle.  He told me to go to the nutrition store and look for Branched Chain Amino Acids.

So, that night I drove to the mall and found the GNC.  Now, I never thought I would ever go to a GNC and buy anything, I’m just not really into that, but doctor’s orders.  I asked the person working there for the BCAAs and he looked at me like I had 4 heads.  Apparently these are pills more commonly used by body builders.  I told him what I needed them for and that my chiropractor had told me to get them.  The salesman pointed out the kind I should buy and still very warily rang me up.

I took the pills home and opened up the container, much to my surprise the pills were HUGE!  How am I going to take 6 of these before and after my long runs as prescribed, let alone 2 every day until my marathon?  I choked the first 2 down before my workout the next day, just barely.  Then, the following day I tried cutting them in half thinking 4 halves would go down better than 2 wholes… I was wrong.  The sharp edges actually caused me to cough one back up.  Eventually I got the hang of taking these massive things, swallowing 4 before my long run and 2 after, that’s enough right, 6 is a little overkill I think.  I have also incorporated more eggs in my diet as I taper for this race.  I’m not sure if the BCAAs are doing anything, but I assume they can’t be doing any harm.

amino acids

Do you take supplements?

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1 Response to A Trip to GNC

  1. That is really, really interesting. I’ll be interested to know if the BCAAs help with your issues and if they make any difference with your training. I’ve taken BCAAs when I train for figure — but never for running — and I am a vegetarian who doesn’t eat meat but I don’t have a deficiency in protein — or I haven’t been told that I do. I eat a lot egg whites though — who knows. 🙂

    I take Advocare supplements while I train for marathons — the packet I take is called MNS MAX 3 — its way too many pills (because I hate taking pills, which would probably explain why I haven’t done any figure stuff in awhile) but they aren’t as big as the BCAA — all told I’m taking 15 pills before 2 p.m. — UGH. But I notice a difference in my energy and/or ability to power through most of the long runs — ha ha. . . notice I said MOST of the long runs. Sometimes, nothing helps me ENOUGH.

    Good luck to you!

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