Things to Do Before We Leave DC

Dan and I are coming up with a list of all the things we want to do before we leave DC, here is what we have so far.  Would love suggestions as I know there is still a myriad of places we haven’t gone to even in the 7+ years we have lived here.

Restaurants to visit one more time:

  • Pasta Mia
  • Open City
  • Rustico
  • Brooklyn Bagel Bakery
  • Matchbox

Tourist Attractions:

  • Major DC monuments esp. the Martin Luther King Jr. 
  • Roosevelt Island
  • National Harbor
  • Smithsonian museums
  • Spy Museum
  • National Zoo
  • Nationals Game

Other “local” attractions:

  • A day in Philadelphia
  • Monticello
  • One last hike in Shenandoah

And we also plan to spend as much time with friends and my brother and nieces as possible before we head out west.


About LindsayMargaret

Runner, baker, lover of the outdoors, PR professional living in Washington DC
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2 Responses to Things to Do Before We Leave DC

  1. The Newseum is my favorite museum here no matter how many times I go! Also, a day in Old Town, Alexandria would be fun, especially w/ the weather getting nicer.

  2. johnawoods says:

    I was going to say Newseum, but Colleen beat me to it. Old Alexandria as well, and spend as much time as you can at the National Gallery, especially seeing the Pre-Raphaelite exhibit and the Albrecht Durer exhibits going on right now. And when you’re near the Martin Luther King memorial, visit the FDR memorial nearby. And take your good camera with you.

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