What happened this week in Boston has been very hard to think about and take in.  I’ve avoided writing about it as I read other blog posts and stories of people who were there and experienced the immense horror of the day.

As a runner, the Boston Marathon is something you strive for.  People work so hard to qualify for this legendary event.  It is supposed to be a day of celebration, not a day of fear.  To attack a marathon just goes against everything running stands for and this can be seen by the amazing reactions of runners to the bombings that took place on Monday.

The outpouring of support; wearing race shirts in solidarity and memory, runs4boston, monetary donations, memorial events.  I just want to go out and run, I want to be a part of this amazing community.  Still injured, I can’t run with my friends, but this morning I rode with my friends to honor those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing and the first responders who courageously gave their all to help on Monday.

I have an amazing spinning instructor who crafts entertaining, but challenging rides for us every Friday morning.  We have ridden part of the Tour de France, we have ridden around the world, we have even ridden an entire Ironman, complete with streaming photos on a projector…. This morning we rode the Boston Marathon.

Admittingly, Joe told us that he had the idea for this ride over a week ago and that if he cancelled it, he would be letting the terrorists win.  So to a soundtrack of Boston based artists we rode from Hopkinton to downtown Boston up Heartbreak Hill and into the finish line.  Along the way we heard stories about those who have made this course famous and the amazing tales that have come from the heroes of this year’s race.

It was truly an emotional spin class and only made me want to run this race more.

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Runner, baker, lover of the outdoors, PR professional living in Washington DC
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