Packing my Life Away

Packing, Packing, Packing, that is what I have been up to these days.  For about 10 years I moved every year.  It was a chance to clean out my closet, go through everything I had accumulated that year and donate the things I didn’t need anymore to start fresh at a new apartment.  It was actually great therapy to do this.

packing 1

This time around, we have been at our apartment for over two years, we got married and we have a lot of stuff.  While packing I have realized just how much of this I don’t use. I have realized we have some nice things that I should take out more often, and that I have clothes that were hidden away that I had forgotten about, so do I really need to go shopping.

Packing 2

I’ve set a goal for myself  for Denver that in addition to being frugal because I will be unemployed, we need to cut back on accumulating “stuff” we just don’t NEED.

Packing 3

At least until we buy a house, and another move isn’t in the near future.

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Runner, baker, lover of the outdoors, PR professional living in Washington DC
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2 Responses to Packing my Life Away

  1. Buying boxes when there are so many homeless boxes in need of adopting? Colbert-style wag of the finger at LindsayMargaret!

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