Running again!

And I’m back.  After 2.5 months of rest I am back to running, slowly.  I started last week with just ten minutes at a time and am now up to 15.  I’m wearing compression sleeves as a precaution and so far so good, no pain in my shin or calf where I had my stress fracture (knock on wood!!!).

There is a park 3 blocks from my new apartment with a short path around it, but its perfect for my short runs. I’m realizing that its a good thing that my runs aren’t very long yet because, frankly, the altitude change is kicking my a$$.  I come back from 15 minutes huffing and puffing and I have to tell myself I’ve only been here a week, I came from sea level and I’m out of running shape.

It will be a slow comeback, but I’m excited to be back out there again!

About LindsayMargaret

Runner, baker, lover of the outdoors, PR professional living in Washington DC
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